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The second quarter of 2010 witnessed the brisk activities of the oil and gas companies in oil rich countries where global oil majors won the contracts for the development of oil fields in oil-rich countries. In order to achieve the early start up on drilling and development projects, companies were looking for eminent logistics service providers. 


SABA-GIFCO in view of its past track record in oil and gas was invited to submit plans and present a feasibility study to provide comprehensive logistics services. Rendering supply chain support services in such startup operations which in itself was a challenge that required dedicated resources and expert knowledge.

SABA-GIFCO core business focused on Oil & Gas Industry Logistics. A range of custom-designed transport and handling equipment was added to SABA-GIFCO assets. Branch offices with a strength of expert transport engineers and technical team with extensive local know-how operated in oil-rich country projects. 


Our expansion in the Middle East and Southeast African countries was a milestone to our goal of reaching out to multinational and in-country oilfield development projects. 


SABA-GIFCO gained popularity in providing Logistics Solutions to the challenges encountered by oilfield project sites. Our Heavy-lift Transport division moved abnormal size cargo from ports to oilfield sites.  Our fleet of temp controlled reefer units came to the rescue of catering companies to supply fresh food to such oilfield sites.  Movement of camp houses, greenhouses, containerized storage facilities, transportation of T-walls for oilfield camps, generators, regular life supports were all available under one roof of SABA-GIFCO Supply Chain Program.


SABA-GIFCO won the trust of prominent multinational Oil & Gas companies, Government owned oil companies, NGO’s, World Organizations grand-aid programs, Rebuild programs operating in the Middle East and Southeast African countries. SABA-GIFCO added to its list prominent entities viz:

  • USAID Iraq Rebuild Program – 35 Camp Bases inside Iraq

  • UNDP – Umm Qasr Port Dredging Project, Iraq

  • UNAMI – Basra, Baghdad & Erbil UN Office Supplies

  • British Armed Forces – Army Provisions, Southern Iraq

  • Danish Armed Forces – Army Provisions and Camp Moves, Southern Iraq

  • DFID Power generation grants – Gas Separator Modules, Iraq

  • JICA Power generation grants – Samawah 60MW Power Station, Iraq

  • DAQING Drilling Projects – Rumaila, Iraq

  • CNPC Oilfield Developments Project – Halfaya, Iraq

  • Shell Majnoon Oilfield Development, Iraq

  • CPECC Oilfield Development Projects, South Sudan

  • WFP – Food Supply Chain, South Sudan

  • Frozen, Chill & Dry Food chain supply services, South East African countries

  • WeatherFord Drilling International Oilfield Projects, Kuwait

  • Nabors Drilling International Oilfield Projects, Kuwait

  • Chevron International Oilfield Projects, Kuwait

  • KNPC – Fuel Supply, Kuwait

  • KOC – Transport Services, Kuwait

  • Petrofac International Ltd – Pipeline Projects, Kuwait

  • Schlumberger Group – Oilfield Seismic Survey Projects, Kuwait

  • Fuel Tankers, Water Tankers, Dumper Trucks Transportation to Oilfield sites in the Middle East and Southeast African countries

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