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• Our JUMBO Reefer Trailers are constructed, insulated and equipped with adequate refrigeration capacity and air delivery system to continuously maintain product temperature to a Cooling Capacity of 0°F to (-27° C)

• Frozen foods are delivered in a frozen condition

• Our Vehicles are well maintained in clean & sanitary condition to prevent potential cross contamination.

• Free of Pests, Bad Odor and Rotten Debris

• Our Ground Staff is Trained in Reefer Temperature Control Management

• Our Reefer operators keep Good Knowledge of reading Reefer temperature recorders and Time / Temperature indicators to measure the air temperature inside cargo area of the vehicle

• We Eliminate Any Temperature Abuse while transportation of Dry, Chill or Frozen Food Stuff by using Satellite Tracking Devices to monitor Online Reports on Temperature and air delivery system inside Reefer

• Our Reefer trailers are equipped with Tight Fitting Doors and suitable closures for drain holes to Prevent Air Leakage

• Our Policy is Pre-cooling at 0°F of our Trailers to establish a gradient across the insulation: from 0°F (-27°C) on the inner surface to the temperature of the outer skin

Reefer Trailers

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